I was born in Belarus.

I studied Minsk State University College of Art and Technology, and then moved in Cyprus.

During my stay here, I studied Applied Arts at Frederick University.

I took part in some group exhibitions and won Kanthos competition in 2019

(first place award).


Yuliya Belan - Biography

Expression of Myself


The frame is a cave.

Frame is a place of safeness and security.

It is a risk to leave the cave / frame and yet is the only possibility to gain knowledge and freedom.

But once we leave the cave / frame we become protagonist, participants, creators and explorers.

No restrictions, such as the boundaries of 4 edges of canvas board. Expanding the fields.

I use the clay, paper, foam pieces garbage, clothes, found objects to bring concepts “to life” as they remain within the visual arts realm.

The possibilities of supplies used in the process are endless, as long as they became artistic expression of the human emotions, like joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear and anger.

 yuliyabelanart@gmail.com |  Tel : +357 99 019314
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